August 21, 2018

Let Me Tell You About This Cat

The events of this story took place several months ago, but let me tell you, they are as vivid to me now as they were then. It's going to sound a bit ridiculous, but I had a chance encounter with a cat that I don't think I'll forget for the rest of my life. I'm hoping you'll find the story quite…

June 25, 2018

Designing My Life - Exercise 2

Workview & Lifeview Philosophies

Chapter 2 of Designing Your Life (DYL) is about "Building a Compass". If we're going to be prototyping different ideas to improve our life, it will be useful to have some guidance and rationale for those decisions. A compass will point us in the right direction.

Given that work is an overwhelming part of most of our lives, it seems deserving of spending some time developing a work philosophy. The authors make it clear that this is not simply your job

June 23, 2018

Designing My Life - Exercise 1

The Health Work Play Love Dashboard

I recently bought the book "Designing Your Life" by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. It's about applying the principles of design to your life, specifically, improving one's life through prototyping and iteration. As I read the book, I plan to blog and vlog about the exercises.

Truth be told, it takes…

February 05, 2018

From Pastor to Programmer

or Telling My Story Once and For All

I am often asked to share the story of how I went from being a Christian pastor to a software engineer. Now that I've started Second Career Devs, I am being asked this question so often that I thought it wise to write it down and answer it once and for all.

Where I Believe the Story Begins


December 29, 2017

Goals for 2018

or the 'Kyle Needs More Discipline' Story

My goals in no particular order are:

Get Better at Prolific Creation, Worse at Prolific Consumption

This thought has been on my mind a lot lately. It's a bit too easy to be a prolific consumer these days. Youtube, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Discord, tutorials (yes, learning can be thrown in here if you don't ever do anything with it) etc. There is a never ending stream of content to consume and I do it all too gladly. I genuinely think it's a good thing to…