February 21, 2017


The catchphrase for Condo is "Because you don't always need a mansion-sized Sass grid library." Anyone who's spent enough time around Sass has probably come across Susy, the incredible, awesome, easy to use Sass grid library that puts your grid styles where they belong--in the presentation layer of your app and not the semantic layer.

Susy's robustness comes with a cost. In order for Susy to be so powerful, it has was built to handle almost any scenario and edge case. I decided that a faster, simpler alternative could be useful. Condo is the result of that effort.

Rather than focus on every possible use case, Condo was built with only a few use cases in mind. By limiting the use cases, we can increase simplicity in the API and improve performance during compilation. While this may only save a developer a few seconds with each change, over the course of building a full project, these seconds add up to hours saved not waiting for your Sass to compile.

Link to Project