November 28, 2018

Egghead Course: Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript

I've had the great fortune of being invited to be an egghead instructor and have used the platform to share my knowledge and teach thousands of people how to code better. It's an incredible feeling to be able to help people all around the globe learn and grow in something they are passionate about.

I decided to make a course that introduced data structures and algorithms to people in JavaScript, because I knew there were other people like me, who had no formal training or education in computer science, that could benefit from learning these foundational concepts. Learning this material helped me elevate my game, and thus I passed it onto everyone else.

The course covers queues, stacks, linked lists, graphs, and trees, as well as algorithms for graph and tree traversal, and numerous sorts. It's a great beginner course for the material, or a great refresher if you learned it long ago in school. I really hope you'll take a look at it on egghead. You can do so at

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