August 31, 2018

Learning Backwards

I was invited by my buddy Kristian Freeman to speak at a brand new conference he was putting together called Byteconf. Kristian had this inspiring vision to create a series of remote conferences, that anyone in the world could attend free of charge. That's a vision I can get behind.

The focus of the first conference was on React and I got really excited to share this idea I had in my head. I wanted to show people how there's all sorts of computer science fundamentals taking place in the React ecosystem just beneath the surface, and how they can use their React knowledge to augment and increase the computer science knowledge. As you can gather, I called this "Learning Backwards: Learning Computer Science Through the Lens of React".

I really enjoyed putting this talk together and giving it to this new audience. I had the opportunity to sit in the chat during the talk to answer questions in real time to the audience, which was a great way for me to get feedback and to help people out.

Here's the talk in it's entirety. Enjoy!

Link to Slides