February 11, 2017

Response to CSS vs Sass

Previously, there was an article here where I argued that another person's opinion on a subject was incorrect. I made a logical argument, supported it with several points of evidence. I demonstrated the incorrectness of his opinion thoroughly.

I decided to delete it all.

I did this because I realized my post added nothing constructive to the conversation. I believe in the contents of the post. I think it was a valid argument. But at it's best, it's destructive of one person's opinion and does nothing to improve the situation. I don't want to be destructive.

I want to focus on being constructive. I want this blog to have helpful articles, ideas and tutorials that give web developers ideas and tools to make better things. To achieve this, it made sense to delete the post and replace it with this.

My apologies if you were searching for my thoughts on Sass and CSS. My thoughts are "learn them."

Web Development


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