Susy 2 Snippets is Now in Package Control

A while back I created a set of Sublime Text snippets for Susy 2 mixins and functions. This past week, I made that collection of snippets into a Package Control package.

If you haven’t already installed the snippets, you can do it now by searching for “Susy 2 Snippets” with Sublime Text’s Package Control. Here’s the link to the package:

  • Jose

    Hi, I’ve been searching high and low on how to use the snippets. Are you able to provide a little info. on what to do once the snippets are installed.

    • Kyle

      Hi Jose. Once you have the package installed either through Package Control or by cloning the git repo in the correct directory, these snippets should be available to you as tab triggers in files ending with .sass or .scss extensions. For example, if you needed the span() function, you could start typing “sp” and hit “Tab” and the package should output @include span() for you.

      Sorry for the slow reply to your comment, I must not have my comment notifications set correctly and only now saw your comment. I will try to be more responsive in the future. Best of luck!