The Twitch Stream!

or How I Can Teach Others and Feel Less Lonely While Working on Side Projects

I want to let everyone know that I am now streaming on Twitch! Not this very moment of course (or maybe, depends when you read this), but at this general period of time.

I’ve made a channel over on Twitch and a few times a week I am going to do some #livecoding. I’m going to focus mostly on teaching React for now, but will certainly cover broader JavaScript topics and possibly build some apps while I’m at it.

I encourage you to stop on by some time and check it out. I’m having a blast teaching people and interacting with everyone who tunes in and chats along. Here’s the link:

I don’t quite have a set schedule right now, but I’m shooting to do live coding on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening most weeks. I currently have Meetups on those days that I have obligations for, but we’ll make it work.

If you want to check out the latest video (while it’s currently archived), you can see the stream here:

Watch More Than You Asked For: JavaScript with Kyle Shevlin from kyleshevlin on


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