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Hello folks,

If you’re still hanging around these parts, color me impressed. I don’t write often and my ideas are so sporadic and disjointed that I don’t know who would ever read them. That being said, I’m going to write like you care because maybe you do!

I have come to the decision recently that I would like to move this blog towards focusing on my life as a web developer, my skills, and potentially attracting a small,


Etched Synaptic Pathways

I wrote this on my Facebook page the other day. Thought I would share it here in its entirety:

Long, reflective, and introspective post to follow:

Today, at ultimate, after making a good play, a bunch of people teased me about it. I know, beyond any doubt, that not a single one of those jokes was intended to hurt me. In fact, it was a sign of solidarity, it was appreciation for the play I made,


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Silent Night: The Result

Hey folks! I had a few of you fine ladies and gents make contributions for the song Silent Night. I took your lovely voices and through them in a mix I worked on and made a tune that’s not too shabby. Have a listen!


Sing With Me: Silent Night

Hey folks! I’ve been having some fun recently getting back into writing and recording music. I’d really like to do a version of Silent Night before Christmas and I want you to help me out.

My idea is to get as many voices as I can in my mix. So what I’ve done is make a very simple scratch track of me singing along with guitar and some percussion. Check it out here:

What I’d like you to do is download the song and record yourself singing along to it.


New Song: Days of Old

Hi folks! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve shared some new music with you. Shame on me.

This weekend, I finished a song and I wanted to share a demo of it and the lyrics here with you. I’d like to start a series of New Song posts that can be archived here on the site and here’s the first. “Days of Old” began when the first verse hit me like a ton of bricks,


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Small Gripe: Target=”_blank”

I’m often asked to make small, almost trivial changes to our clients’ websites. One of these changes that grinds my gears is the frequent request to “Make this hyperlink open in a new tab/window.”

This bothers me because it changes the default behavior of links and takes away the user’s control over his or her browser. Default behavior of a link is to open in the current window. Now, every browser/system I know of provides the user with an action that can open a link in a new tab (for example,


Susy Snippets

For work, I’ve been preparing to share a presentation on Susy 2, a Sass grid implementation system. I’d call it a framework, but that’s not accurate. It’s a collection of functions and mixins that allow you to create customizable grids via the CSS for your site. It’s your grids, when and where you want them.

To make using Susy even easier than it already is, I made a collection of snippets for Sublime Text. You can clone the repo here:


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Hi, my name is Kyle Shevlin. I'm a musician, writer and web developer living in Portland, Oregon. I love to make things, whether it be with code, with chords, or with words. When I'm not making something you can probably find me playing ultimate or chilling at home with my wife.


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