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Hello, I am obviously Kyle Shevlin and I am a web developer. I live and work in Portland, Oregon.

If I had to describe myself, which I do have to do at this moment, I would say that I’m a simple, Midwestern man who happens to be the forbidden lovechild between a Vulcan and a Viking. Intelligent and too logical for this senseless world, mixed with all the passion and fire that would come from a lifetime of battle, raiding and a beard as “magniglorious” as my own (that’s right, my beard deserved an invented adjective of its own).

I, of course, bring this to my approach to web development. I strive for logical, simple designs without frills or distractions from the passion and fire that’s behind the product. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good looking website as much as the next person (well, probably a little less, honestly), but if you’re adding polish to a pile of shit, well, you still have a pile of shit.

To that end, I have a motto that is the driving force behind my work, “With all things, leave them better than you find them.” There is almost nothing in this world that could not use some improvement. Most of us could be a better person and most of us could use better websites.

With all things, leave them better than you find them.

Each day, I push myself on a journey of constant, incremental, almost annoyingly incessant improvement. The same goes for my work. If I realize three months, six months, a year later that there is a much better, more efficient, more logical way to accomplish something, I take the time to make the improvement. It just doesn’t make sense (at least to me) to leave anything in an inferior state.

And I expect others to try and do the same. It’s the Vulcan in me, I can’t help it. Thus, my hope with this blog is to share some of the ways I’ve been able to improve my web development skills and help you on your journey of improvement. Hope it helps.

Lastly, lest you think of me as a workaholic, let me tell you a bit more of what I do in my leisure. When I’m not coding, you can most likely find me playing Ultimate. It’s the most kick ass sport ever (and I’ve played most of them). There is nothing quite like a full-extension, layout dive to catch a disc that you thought you might not be able to catch or throwing a pass to someone else who makes a great, layout catch. Seriously, one of the best feelings ever. I recommend everyone try it at least once.

When I’m not playing ultimate, you can probably find me playing video games with my wife (that’s right, my wife’s a gamer, too. I know, you’re jealous that I’m such a lucky man. It’s ok.) or having a good beer and food with some friends.

Anna and Kyle at FINE's Christmas Party
My wife trying to eat me with one of those hats that Sherlock Holmes would wear. I don't blame her. I'm definitely nom-ible.

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