Hi, I'm Kyle Shevlin, founder and lead software engineer of Agathist, a software development firm that specializes in web & mobile applications built with React , React Native , Astro and TypeScript .

I am also a writer, speaker and coding instructor. This is my personal site where I share all the content I create.

I primarily write articles and create courses, focusing on breaking software concepts down to their fundamentals. Check out one of my posts or courses (or all of them). If you like what you read, then sign up for my newsletter, too.

If you're looking to hire me and my team, send an email to kyle@agath.ist. If you need to reach me regarding something else, then my personal email is the best way to do so.

Enjoy your time here and thank you.

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  1. Prefer Noun-Adjective Naming
    English grammar puts the adjective before the noun, but when it comes to file or function naming, I think you should do the opposite.
  2. Agathist Q&A
    You might have noticed a few new "ads" around here recently for something called Agathist. Let me tell you what that is all about in a (hopefully) fun self-directed Q&A.
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