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Hi, I'm Kyle Shevlin, a software engineer and online instructor. This is where I share all the content I create. I mostly write articles and create courses, focusing on breaking concepts down to their fundamentals.

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  • UI Composition

    AKA taking a step back to take a step forward

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    Often we run into tricky UI situations as a result of overloading an element with styling responsibilities. We can solve this problem by separating the responsibilities and re-composing the individual components.

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    A couple years back, I came up with what I hope is a clever name to a common problem I see in React components, but I never took the time to write about it. I call it YAP (Yet Another Prop) Syndrome, and once you recognize it, you'll see it every where.

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    JSX makes writing UIs feel really familiar for frontend devs, but it can obfuscate a key detail of which we should remain aware.

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    Do you know why you might use useReducer instead of useState? There are a few key questions you can ask yourself to make that decision.

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