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Hi, I'm Kyle Shevlin, a software engineer and online instructor. This is where I share all the content I create. I mostly write articles and create courses, focusing on breaking concepts down to their fundamentals.

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The Wrapped State Setter Pattern

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Sometimes we want to add functionality that happens with every call of a state setter. Learn how to wrap that state setter to add it.

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Parametric design is the process of using adjustable parameters to modify and influence a design. Add it to your box of tools.

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My take on my tumultuous job history. Fairly certain this will not help in any way other than the catharsis of speaking some truth.

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Many text editors allow you to fold, or collapse, blocks of code. I believe we can improve the design of our code by using this to our advantage.

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I am about to launch a course platform of my own making at It is not fancy. But it is my own. Learn how and why I built it.

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UI Libraries are great for having a solid design system to build from. Here's a small architectural decision I would do to make them even nicer to work with.

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Factory functions help us quickly create objects. They make use of closures to have private values and functions, all while avoiding the this keyword. Learn how to use them in this article.

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Recently, I helped a small team fix a performance issue involving React Context. It was a fairly simple fix that I want to share with you. I'm going to set up the problem, show you the small change we needed to make, and share a small library I made to help you out in the future.

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People are often confused by useRef. Let's try and fix that confusion by comparing it with useState.

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JavaScript closures are confusing for some, but they do not have to be. Learn what a closure is and why they are a powerful tool to have in your programming repertoire.

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React state can be updated in two ways: replace the currentState with the nextState, or transform the currentState to the nextState with a function. Prefer the function.

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Learn how to increase the flexibility and testability of your programs by passing dependencies in as function arguments alongside default parameters.

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Discriminated unions in TypeScript can go awry when you use object or array destructuring. Learn why it happens and what you can do to fix the problem.

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Since the advent of React hooks, I have seen a pattern emerge that I think is less than ideal. I've started calling it the “naked state setter” pattern. Let's find out what it is and how to avoid it.

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React and modern JavaScript gives you the freedom to structure your React projects however you want. Learn how I structure mine.

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