Inspired by Josh W. Comeau's snippets, this is a collection of code snippets I've made over the years that you can look at for inspiration or copy/paste at will.

clamp() Description: A function that "clamps" a number between a minimum and maximum value Category: JavaScript
compose() & pipe() Description: Functions for composing other functions Category: JavaScript
indexByKey() Description: A function to turn an array of objects into an object, indexed by the chosen key Category: JavaScript
inflect() Description: Function used to choose the correct form of a word, singular or plural Category: JavaScript
Margin Description: A component for easily applying margins with component composition Category: React Component
partition() Description: Split an array with a predicate filter Category: JavaScript
randomRGB() Description: Function to generate random rgb() strings Category: JavaScript
toArray() Description: A function for normalizing a value to an array Category: JavaScript
useAsyncSafeState() Description: Hook for async state that automatically prevents memory leaks Category: React Hooks
useBool() Description: A basic React Hook for managing binary states Category: React Hooks
useForceUpdate() Description: An imperative way to force a component to update with Hooks Category: React Hooks
useLocalStorage() Description: Hook for persisting state to localStorage Category: React Hooks
usePrevious() Description: Hook for storing and getting a previous value Category: React Hooks
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